Two or More Unsuccessful IVF Cycles?

There are many reasons why IVF can prove unsuccessful. These can range from low AMH or low egg reserve, to infections and immune issues, or the inability of the endometrium to receive the embryo. Male fertility issues and genetic causes also need to be considered. During a normal pregnancy, a unique type of immunity prevails which stops a woman from rejecting the embryo and aids the growth and development of the foetus. If anything goes wrong with this immune process embryos fail to implant and early pregnancies may miscarry.

What can Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine do?

Eggs need a good blood supply, the right nutrients, the right hormone signals and the capacity to supply enough energy to the embryo. While no treatment can turn back the clock, or change the DNA, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be used to rejuvenate some oocyte characteristics by improving delivery of nutrition to the developing egg and enhancing its capacity to make energy, thus increasing its chance of making a viable embryo.

Acupuncture has been shown to promote the growth of new blood vessels and to specifically increase blood flow to the ovaries and the time when the follicles and the eggs inside them are developing is a critical time for acupuncture. The use of certain acupuncture point combinations, used in our protocols at the clinic, plus a particular frequency of gentle electrical pulse promotes blood supply, and delivery of nutrition and oxygen to the follicles improving their potential to fertilise and create embryos.

Recently the crucial role that the immune system plays in the process of embryo implantation and the development of the placenta has been demonstrated, indicating that subtle imbalances in the immune environment of the uterus can impact upon establishing a healthy pregnancy.

Recent reviews on the effect of acupuncture on the immune system have concluded that appropriate and frequent acupuncture treatment can provoke sustained anti-inflammatory activity, without stimulation of pro-inflammatory cells. We know that stress also affects the immune system and acupuncture has been shown to exert a beneficial modulatory effect on such immune imbalances caused by anxiety and stress.

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