Acupuncture was recommended to me by a friend who suggested that I give it a go to support with PCOS. At the time, I was also suffering with chronic digestive issues in addition to feeling very low emotionally & very stressed.

I didn’t know what to expect as acupuncture was the first type of “alternative” therapy that I had experienced & I didn’t quite understand how it would work…. but it did.

When I had my initial consultation, I was given so much guidance on how I should be fueling my body, how to support fertility with nutrition & given incredible advice how how to help manage stress. This was followed with my acupuncture treatment which immediately helped with stress and gave me so much energy. This was totally unexpected & after my 1st session I felt completely revitalized and hopeful that I would be able to improve my health issues.

As the sessions continued, not only did my health improve drastically, but it helped to overcome emotional issues that I was experiencing.

That was over a year ago and I cannot recommend Marianne more highly. She is an incredibly supportive therapist, who for me gave me solid guidance & advice on how to manage my health. From just a few treatments my 70 day cycles came down to 30 days, my digestion improved and I felt overall happier in myself. I would recommend Marianne to anyone that is trying to tackle any type of health issue. Whether its a physical issue, or emotional issue, acupuncture WILL help.