Finding it difficult to get pregnant?

It’s natural for couples to assume they will get pregnant soon after they start trying, but it often doesn’t work out that way, for lots of reasons. In any given cycle a couple has a 25% chance of conceiving and on average it can take 8 months to fall pregnant.

A consultation with Marianne or Gennie may discover what it is preventing you from conceiving. We will review every important aspect of you and your partners’ reproductive health and fertility history in order to help identify what may be going wrong and suggest ways in which to help put it right. This may reveal the need for further medical examinations and tests to investigate possible physical problems. Or, more likely, it may suggest some areas of possible weakness in your reproductive status.

Improving such things as your nutrition, modifying certain aspects of your lifestyle or enhancing your physical and emotional health through Acupuncture may help you to achieve conception. For more information on how Acupuncture may help you and your partner, please call Marianne or Gennie or email us.

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