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Chinese Herbal Health

Chinese Herbal Health is an acupuncture clinic in Skerries, Co. Dublin, run by Marianne Caren since 2003.

Marianne has been treating people in North Dublin with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs. She has helped many people with a variety of different conditions and is always updating her studies.

Marianne began her training in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland in 2000. During her 3-year training Marianne enjoyed the course so much she started a 2 year diploma course at the same time in Chinese herbal Medicine.

Having qualified as an Acupuncturist & Herbalist, she travelled to Nanjing China where she did her post graduate training in the International Acupuncture Training Hospital’s.

Marianne spent nearly 3-months there where she studied under different Chinese Doctors but she spent more time in the Gynaecology & Infertility Clinic’s, which is an area Marianne sees more than 50% of her own patients in her busy clinic in Skerries. In 2013 Marianne began her mindfulness treating with the ‘Fertile Body Method’ programme. With the intention to support her fertility patients but Marianne has integrated mindfulness into all her treatment. “2014 was the start of Marianne’s nutrition studies with Dietary counselling and then into Functional Nutrition. Again, the benifits of Marianne’s studies is shared with all her patients.

Marianne works with another Acupuncturist Ursula Kennelly. Ursula has been working alongside Marianne since 2016 but also runs 2 other clinics in north Dublin.
Ursula felt drawn to change professions and thus went back to College in 2002. Subsequently, she graduated with a B.Sc. in Applied Physical Therapy and has been practising as a Registered Physical Therapist since 2005. In 2006 Ursula trained in the UK, in the Dr Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Combined Decongestive Therapy and has been successfully treating people with primary and secondary Lymphoedema since. More recently Ursula has graduated as an Acupuncturist, having studied with the Acupuncture Foundation in Dublin for three year, and completed her Licenciate in Nanjing China. Ursula has also completed a two year diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine with the Acupuncture Foundation.


Marianne and Ursula offers treatments of Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture and Dermarolling, Chinese Raw Herbs, Scalpe Acupuncture Moxibustion, Cupping and Massage.
Marianne has a special interest and 14 years experience of fertility, pregnancy & hormonal support.
Marianne has even had the unique experience of travelling to China with Zita West and a small group from the network in 2010. Zita West is a lead fertility specialist in the UK and well respected. This was an amazing opportunity for Marianne not only to gain up to-date training in China but also to have so much professional time with Zita West herself.

Ursula has a special interest in Skin conditions and has a great success rate with the help of Chinese Herbs.

Marianne & Ursula are both members of AFPA association and are covered by all major health insurance companies.

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